Many disciplines began their outdoor shooting season in April!  Be sure to check the calendar of events for their schedules.  Click “View all Events” to see the entire calendar.

2017 YOUTH SHOOT: FREE event for ages 11 – 17.  Weapon Collectors Society of Montana, June 17, 2017,  9:00 am OR 1:00 pm at the MRSA Range. For information or reservations visit shoot or call Dave Simpson 799-5418 or John Sprague 868-6635

What’s New

Missouri River Shooters will host an Introduction to Gun Safety and Pistol Shooting course for young men (age 12+) and adult men. The class will be held on June 16, 2017 from 6 PM – 9 PM at the MRSA Indoor Range. The class will consist of basic firearm safety and the fundamentals of handgun shooting. We wish to determine membership interest in an ongoing men-only shooting group. The group will be modeled after the Missouri River Women’s Shooters group, utilizing their curriculum which has proven very successful!

If you do not have a handgun, several are available to rent along with appropriate ammunition for purchase. The pilot program will be limited to 15 participants; however, if more members wish to attend, other classes will be scheduled. There is a $3.00 indoor range fee for shooters. If you are interested please contact: Dave Simpson, 406-799-5418.