Many disciplines will begin their shooting season in April!  Be sure to check the calendar of events for their schedules.

What’s New

MRSA Indoor Range Friday Evening Shooting

Open to members and public.

Friday evenings, 2 December 2016 through April 2o17,  6 PM till 9 PM at the MRSA Indoor Range, 128 34th St. NW, corner of Central Ave. W. and 34th St. NW.

Handguns and 22 LR rimfire rifles are permitted.  No MAGNUM cartridges may be fired on the range (no 17 HMR, 22 magnum, 357 magnum, etc.) You may use specials in magnum handguns (38 Spl., 44 Spl., 45 Colt, etc.).

Cost: $10 one-time per season insurance fee per shooter, plus $3.00 per evening per shooter. The $10.00 insurance fee is waived for members of MRSA.  $30 Shoot cards are available for 10 evenings and may be purchased at the range. First visit shooters shoot for free.  Children accompanied by adults shoot for free.

Recommended: eye/ear protection, targets, plenty of ammo

Questions: call Tim Tucker: 406-781-7954 or Dave Simpson: 406-799-5418

There are a variety of handguns for rent. Ammo for the rental guns is included in the rental fee AND additional ammo for the rentals must be purchased from the MRSA and is available at the range in 25-round packets. You MUST purchase MRSA’s ammo to fire in the rentals.

  • Orientation Class

    It is a once-in-a-lifetime class! Combinations to the gates are no longer being issued at the sporting goods stores. Project Appleseed:  click here for more information. Click here for Membership >  ...