2016 Education Schedule:

MRSA: NRA Basic Pistol Class
The MRSA will hold an NRA Basic Pistol Class, PHASE 2
What: NRA Basic Pistol, Phase 2
Date: 30 July 2016
Time: 08:00 – 16:00 (4 PM), 1’ lunch
Location: MRSA classroom 50-200 yard range, GFSSC
Cost: $40.00 for GFSSC members, $60.00 for non-members
Age:  12 + (youth are encouraged to attend with parent or legal guardian)
1. Enroll and pay for the Phase 2 class. (the NRA charges $60.00 for Phase 1). Enrollment closes:22 July 2016. (ten or
more students required, if fewer than 10 students  enroll, your check will be returned to the address on the envelope).
Enrollment information: Name, address, phone  #, email address, age (if comfortable providing), GFSSC membership # (if applicable), special needs (if required, handicap accessible)
2. you must take and satisfactorily complete: NRA Basic Pistol, Phase 1 online:
3. complete and pass the NRA Basic Pistol Exam at the commencement of Phase 2
4. provide necessary equipment for Phase 2:
1. handgun (if you do not have one, please notify D. Simpson at enrollment, a
loaner can be provided, you must supply the appropriate ammunition)
2. appropriate factory loaded only ammunition for your handgun, 50 rounds
3. appropriate dress for weather, class will commence, “rain or shine”
4. eye and hearing protection (prescription glasses may be acceptable)
5. lunch and water, remember proper hydration
6. writing (pen, pencil), note paper, NRA Basic Pistol manual from Phase 1
*7. Certificate of Completion, NRA Basic Pistol, Phase 1 (without this document, you will not be allowed to participate in Phase 2)
8. arrive at the classroom and be prepared to start at 08:00 AM
A minimum of ten (10) students are required for the class to be provided. You are encouraged to
complete Phase 1 and promptly sign up for Phase 2. Refund of enrollment fees are provided ONLY
upon unusual circumstance (reviewed by Chief Instructors).
Please forward check or money order in the appropriate amount for class enrollment to: GFSSC
/ Basic Pistol Class, PO Box 7, Ft. Shaw, MT 59443-0007
Questions: Dave Simpson, PO Box 7, Ft. Shaw, MT 59443-0007, 406-264-5418 (home); 406799-5418

Classes will be scheduled on an “as requested” basis. A minimal of ten (10) prepaid students will be required for the presentation of any class. To request a class please contact: Dave Simpson; POB 7, Ft. Shaw, MT 59443-0007; 406-264-5418 (home); 406-799-5418 (cell); Your request will be placed in a roster and when ten (10) or more persons request the class, you will be contacted and a tentative class schedule made. No private OR personal classes will be scheduled. Group classes (>=10 persons) may be scheduled.

The following courses may be offered this year at the GFSSC (per member interest). This list is not complete and additions will be made. Enrollment is based upon payment, first paid, first enrolled. If you are interested in the class, it is recommended that you reserve your slot as soon as you have decided to attend. Please refer to the Education and Calendar sections for more complete info:

NRA Range Safety Officer

NRA Basic Pistol

NRA Basic Rifle

NRA Basic Shotgun

NRA Reloading/Handloading

Montana Concealed Carry (NRA Basic Pistol recommended as prerequisite)