Most commonly asked questions

1.  Why should I affiliate with a club when I submit my membership?

The various Clubs who are members of the Complex receive a portion of the membership dues based on the members who
affiliate with their club.  If a member does not affiliate with a Club, the membership dues cannot be distributed.

2.  Will the affiliation with a Club commit me to anything?

No.  This is only for the distribution of membership dues.
It will, however, give you voting rights in the Club with which you affiliate.

3.  Will I still be able to use all the ranges if I affiliate with one Club?

Yes.  As a Complex member, you are entitled to use all the ranges at the complex with the exception of the Law Enforcement
range and any restrictions of the individual clubs.

4.  I am retired military/law enforcement. Can I join at the reduced membership rate?

No.  The reduced membership rate for military/law enforcement is for active duty members only.

5.  If I am 18 and still living with my parents, may I join on their family membership?

No.  When you turn 18, you must purchase your own membership unless you are still in high school.
If you turn 18 while still in high school, you may remain on the family membership until you graduate.

6.  My wife is part of our family membership. Does she have a vote at Complex meetings?

No.  Only the primary member has voting privileges.  If your wife would like to vote, she must also have a primary membership.

7.  I attended orientation as a teenager while I was on a family membership.  Why must I attend again after I turn 18 and obtain an individual membership?

When you attended as a teenager, you could not legally sign the Hold Harmless Agreement required by the Complex.
Now that you are 18, you must attend the orientation again and sign the agreement as an adult.

8.  If I don’t affiliate with the MRSA, may I still use the indoor range?

Yes, but you must pay a yearly range fee of $10.00 to do so.