RSO (Range Safety Officer


The Missouri Rivers Shooters Association has a policy of paying the individual annual membership to the Great Falls Shooting Sports Complex for the following year if any Range Safety Officer volunteers 12 or more hours in a calendar year as a Range Safety Officer (RSO). RSOs my take credit for up to 6 hours in any discipline or at any Missouri River Shooters Association or Black Horse Shootists event throughout the year. The year starts December 1 until November 30 of the following year. You may only count the time you actually are performing RSO activities, e.g. if you are shooting at an all-day event but only perform RSO duties for 1 hour, you may only count 1 hour.


1. You must be a current member of the Missouri River Shooters Association to be eligible for this program.

2. E-mail an electronic copy of your current NRA Range Safety Officer certification to Chief Range Safety Officer __ and include your mailing address in the e-mail informing him that you are interested in participating in the RSO program.

3. __ will mail you a signed hard copy of the Range Safety Officer Hours Tracking Form on which to document hours throughout the calendar year.

4. __ signature assures the Directors and event leaders who you will be helping as an RSO that a current NRA RSO Certification is on file.

5. Write your name on the top of the form and bring the form with you to any event in which you perform RSO duties for the Missouri River Shooters Association.

6. In the first column document the date of the event/activity.

7. In the second column document the name of the event/activity.

8. In the third column document the number of hours (in 0.25 hour increments) you performed RSO duties.

9. In the fourth column document the name of the person who is the leader of the event/activity.

10. In the fifth column, ask the event director/leader to affirm your assistance at the event by initialing the form.

11. It is your responsibility to approach the event director/leader to obtain his/her initials to confirm your RSO hours.

12. Since you already must be a member of the Great Falls Shooting Sports Complex, you will receive a renewal application for the GFSSC in the mail later in the year. If you have completed the required 12 or more RSO hours, complete the renewal application and mail it in as usual but do not include payment unless your renewal will be for a family membership in which case you will send a $15.00 check made out to the GFSSC. Complete the Range Safety Officer Hours Tracking Form by totaling the number of hours in the third column. Mail the tracking form to MRSA, by November 30th.

13. will present the applications to the MRSA Board of Directors at the December meeting for final approval.

14. If your application was approved, you will receive your membership card and hanger in the mail as usual.