The Missouri Rivers Shooters Association invites volunteers to attend the Annual MRSA Director and Volunteer Dinner.

If you volunteer for 12 or more hours in a calendar year with Missouri River Shooters Association or Black Horse Shootists activities (examples: Range Clean-up Days, mowing, maintenance of grounds or equipment, helping set up for or assist at events, registration for the event, parking assistance, being a “runner”, food preparation, etc.) you will be invited to an annual dinner.


1. You must be a current member of the Missouri River Shooters Association to be eligible for this program.

2. The activity must be for the Missouri River Shooters Association or the Black Horse Shootists.

3. Obtain and appropriately use a hard copy of the Volunteer Hours Tracking Form to document hours throughout the calendar year. These are available from an MRSA Board Member or Director and in the 200 yard classroom.

4. Complete the top of form with your name, the phone number you wish to be reached at and e-mail address.

5. Bring the form with you to all the events or activities at which you volunteer.

6. In the first column document the date of the event/activity.

7. In the second column document the name of the event/activity.

8. In the third column document the number of hours (in 0.25 hours increments) you helped at the event/activity.

9. In the fourth column document the name of the person who is leader of the event/activity.

10. In the fifth column, have the event/activity leader affirm your assistance at the event by initialing the form.

11. It is your responsibility to approach the event director/leader to obtain his/her initials to confirm your volunteer hours.

12. If your volunteer time is performing ground maintenance when no one else is present, contact Dave Farris (cell-406-868-9737) or John Sprague (cell-406-868-6635) to inform them you are performing the work, then have them initial the form as soon as able.

13. At the end of the year, add the number of volunteer hours and enter the total at the bottom of the third column of the Volunteer Hours Tracking Form

14. Submit the completed form to a Missouri River Shooters Association via mail by November 30th. The MRSA mailing address is MRSA, P.O. Box 6623, Great Falls, MT, 59406.

15. The MRSA Board of Directors will review the applications at the December meeting for final approval.

16. If your application is approved, you will receive an e-mail from the Board inviting you to attend the annual MRSA Director and Volunteer Dinner with information about the dinner date and location as well as how to RSVP.

Volunteer Hours Tracking Form