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Ed McGivern Pistol & Revolver Club outdoor range is located on the East side of the Butte just south of the Law Enforcement Range.  It has a full covered firing line with waist height benches.

It is an NRA Bullseye style range with turning target stands at 25 yards, and fixed target stands at 50 yards. This range is restricted to handguns only.No shotguns or rifles.

All shooting is to be done from behind the benches, while standing on the concrete.
If you are not a good enough shot to keep all of your rounds inside the frames at 25 yards, please use the MRSA 50 yard or 200 yard ranges–damage to the target frames is both expensive and time consuming to repair.

The target stands are steel frames that accept 22 inch x 24 inch backers.  If you are going to use this range, you will probably want to bring your own pieces of 22×24 cardboard, as the backers are normally only provided for matches.  A stapler would be handy to have also.

For further information about this range, please contact:

Stu Smith
406-899-2111 or Click here to email Stu

Bull’s Eye Outdoor Matches

Bull’s eye pistol outdoor matches, consist of 3 guns, .22, center fire, and .45.

Most competitors use their .45 for both the center fire match and the .45 match.

The matches are 90 shots per gun, (270 shots total) for an aggregate of 2700 points per match.

We will practice Monday’s, 6:30 PM until dark, May through the middle of September.

Slow Fire:

10 shots in 10 minutes at 50 yards,

Timed Fire:

2 strings of  5 shots each in 20 seconds at 25 yards,

Rapid Fire:

2 strings of  5 shots each in 10 seconds at 25 yards.

You will need 30 rounds per gun, (90 total), or you can practice with only one gun. I recommend a .22 (with 90 rounds) to get started.