Guidelines for Private and / or “For Profit” Trainers
1. 30 day + notice of program and range / classroom requirements.
2. Deposit for range / classroom, due upon date of 30 day notice, $100 for 1 day
and $50 per each subsequent day of instruction.
3. Company and / or Personal “current” membership in the GFSSC.
4. Proof of insurance coverage ( $1,000,000 / $2,000,000 ) for instructors AND
students ( see #8 below ).
5. Proof of “current” certification for ALL instructors, in disciplines being taught.
6. Need to schedule sufficient number of Certified Range Safety Officers for the
“live fire” portions of the class, subject to the “written” approval of the
7. Any variations to “live fire” exercises, not generally allowed on the specific
range, must be approved, in writing, by the GFSSC CRSO, prior to the
8. A $10 “educational” membership will be required of ALL students who are not
members of the GFSSC. The $10 may be applied to “full” membership by
the student, within 6 months of the class date.

Reviewed / Approved, GFSSC Board: June 7, 2011