2018 RULES

Printable PDF: GFSSC 2018 range rules



Application must be on file annually.

You must be 18 years of age.

Agrees to follow all range rules and standing rules of Complex and clubs.

Must attend the one-time orientation course prior to receiving permanent membership materials.

Must show proof of identification upon request by anyone on the complex.

Must display window hang tag while using facilities.

Couples memberships are for husband, wife (or significant other) and kids under 18, No others.



No person 18 years old and above living within 50 miles allowed as a guest, except 18-year-olds still in high school living with their parents.

Definition: A guest is anyone who is not a member and is 18 yrs and older.

Each member is allowed to have only one guest with them at the range.

Guest must live beyond fifty miles and are allowed unlimited visits.

Guests must be accompanied each time by a member.

Guest must be able to prove their residence address upon request. I.E. Current Drivers License; Current College ID Card

Kids attending college full time outside the 50 mile radius are allowed as guests

Kids 17 and under are not considered guests and are welcome anytime with an adult member. This includes 17 and under living within the 50 mile radius.

These guest rules do not pertain to the Skeet Club as they are always open to the public and have a member present at all times while open.



Gates are to be locked immediately upon entering or leaving Complex unless otherwise posted or gate is locked open with a different combination.

If you encounter an open gate, unsigned and not locked open, close and lock it. Vehicles are to remain on established roads and parking lots.

Vehicles are not permitted past the firing lines on any ranges. (Exceptions are maintenance personnel and match directors.)

Parking under the range covers is prohibited.

Shooting from a vehicle is prohibited




Must sign log book prior to using ranges, must sign in guest with their name, city, and state. Print legibly.

Must wear ear and eye protection, including people watching.

Must follow gun safety rules and show range etiquette.

Must remove all targets and properly dispose of them prior to leaving range.

There will be no consumption of alcohol or controlled substances on the range.

No one may use the range if under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances, or prescription drugs that affect their abilities.

Attach targets to backers so as not to damage backer supports.

Provide your own backers to pattern shotguns.

Do not use rifle or pistol backers owned by the clubs.

Shotguns with slugs are allowed to use club backers. Do not fire diagonally across ranges.

Do not set objects on cross bracing to shoot at.

Do not shoot at targets placed on range floor.

Load firearms on the shooting line only, with muzzle pointed downrange.

Firearms are to be unloaded whenever someone is downrange.

Never leave loaded firearms unattended.

Never handle firearms for any reason when people are downrange.

You must be five (5) feet from any firearm while people are down range.

Holstered handguns untouched are considered to be safe.

Do not move forward of the firing line until the “ALL CLEAR” has been given.

Do not resume shooting or handling firearms until everyone has returned from downrange.

Do not shoot anywhere but on approved ranges, from approved firing lines.

Do not shoot at any Complex-, MRSA, FWP owned property to include, but not limited to; buildings, vehicles, fence posts, shooting benches, or any other non-approved targets.

Do Not Shoot Wildlife, this is a target range not a hunting club.

Do not allow your dogs to run free, dogs are allowed as long as they are on a leash.




Approved guns: All rimfire rifles, any handgun, muzzle loaders, any centerfire rifle chambered for a cartridge which was originally a handgun round. i.e.: 9mm, 357 mag, 44 mag 45 long colt, etc.

No Shotguns including shot shells from pistols.

Firing line is the bench line. You may shoot forward of the firing line(this is the only range on this property where this is allowed). However bench line takes precedence and if someone arrives wanting to shoot from the benches you have 5 min to relinquish range to the bench line.

All homemade target stands must be bench height, 32 inches


Approved guns: All except fully automatic.

Shotguns firing a single slug only ( You may shoot loaded shot as long as you are using your own backer.)

Firing line is the bench line only. You cannot shoot forward of this point.

All prone, sitting, kneeling, etc. must be done between the benches.

All homemade target stands must be bench height, 32 inches.

Shorter targets may be used from the 100 yd. line and beyond.

You cannot stand under this cover to fire. Move out either end to shoot off hand.

Place a single target in center of plywood backer, angle iron backers must have point of angle iron towards you.


Approved guns: All including fully automatic. Shotguns firing a single slug only ( You may shoot loaded shot as long as you are using your own backer.)

Firing line is the bench line only. You cannot shoot forward of this point.

All off hand, prone, sitting, kneeling, etc. must be done between the benches.

All homemade target stands must be 32 inches tall

The road going downrange is open to vehicles. Turn around right in front of the targets.


This range is open only with an RSO present. MRSA will set the schedule for open times.

No one is permitted on this range at any other time


Approved Guns: Any rifle “except fully automatic”, any handgun. No Shotguns.

Firing line is the raised dirt platform. You must shoot from this platform.

If more than one shooter stay in a straight line.

You may drive on the dirt road (AS LONG AS IT IS DRY OR FROZEN) to set out other targets at the berms.

Remember if it leaves a mess it is not an approved target. i.e.: Clay Targets, Glass, Plastic Bottles, Rocks, etc. Do not drive or walk beyond the last berm.

BLACK HORSE SHOOTIST RANGE: Open only at times set by BHS President. If you pick BHS as your primary interest, contact BHS President for any other access.


Only pistols are allowed, absolutely no rifles, shotguns or shot shells from a pistol.

Use only their target frames.

You must shoot from the bench line only, do not shoot forward of this line.

Use cardboard as backers. Cardboard is located in unlocked room SE corner of range cover. Do not use plywood.


Use only target tips on our backers.

Recommend use of arrow slick to retrieve arrows.

Use of broadheads only allowed if you provide your own backer.

No firearms on your person while utilizing this range.

Crossbows are only allowed if you provide your own backer.

You must stand at yardage markers, unless, you are alone or in a group shooting together, then you may pick your spot to shoot from.

Be mindful of the adjacent pistol range, do not become visible above the side berm.


You may only be at the skeet club during open hours.

This area of the Complex is closed to all members other than the posted open hours or during a special scheduled shoot. OPEN HOURS: Sundays 10:00AM -4:00PM Tuesdays 6:30PM- 10:00PM Thursdays 6:30PM- 10:00PM Except when leagues are running.


Aerial targets are allowed only at the Sun River Skeet Club ranges.

If it leaves a mess do not shoot it. i.e. (Rocks, glass, clay targets, ceramic, food items.) Do not fabricate target stands with any range materials; i.e. cement blocks, railroad ties, 2 x 4’s, If there is no range-approved backer available, move to another range.


Steel targets for handguns must be no closer than 15 yds.

Steel targets for rifles must be no closer than 100 yds., for 22 rifles 25 yards.

If people are using the 200 yd. range no steel targets allowed on 50 yd. range.

No shotguns or shot shells from a pistol are to be shot at steel targets.

No Tannerite or other exploding targets.


No tracers, flechette, or other exploding rounds.


First one on the range must raise the flag, last to leave must take flag down.

Black flag up at main gate to rifle area means all ranges in this area are closed.


This range is closed to everyone who is not a law enforcement officer or authorized personnel. This range is now fenced off.


No fires of any type allowed on the ranges.

No walking along the sides or tops of the berms.

All personnel under the age of 18 must be directly supervised by an adult.


To hold a class on GFSSC property you must be a certified instructor.

You must be cleared by the GFSSC Chief Instructor.

You must schedule range time through the president of the club managing the range you wish to use. i.e. (President MRSA for rifle/pistol ranges.) (President Ed McGivern Club for handgun range)


In the event of any emergency that requires ambulance or air med-evac, call 911 and send someone to the gate to facilitate emergency response entrance.

The 911 center does have the gate combo if you are unable to meet them at the gate.

Please contact a GFSSC Board Member to report the issue as soon as possible.


Giving the gate combination to any person.

Allowing someone to use your window hang tag or membership card.

Shooting of wildlife, firing anywhere other than an approved range.

Driving other than established areas.

Willfully Littering

Willfully damaging any property owned by GFSSC, Montana FWP, or any of the clubs.

WEBSITE: To know up to date what is going on at the ranges visit gfssc.org and check the calender or upcoming events schedule.

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